Being a parent of young children is full of stressful, anxiety-ridden decisions.  One of the most anxious decisions parents make regards where they will place their child for MDO, a CDC experience or even an after-school program.  Will the environment be safe?  Will the teachers “love on” my child and make them feel special?  Will my child’s gifts be explored and developed?  Will they learn christian values and begin developing a relationship with Jesus?  Will there be more outdoor time or screen time?  Will the staff be consistent with low turnover and an absolute commitment to excellence?  Will my feedback be welcomed and heard?  Will my child’s innate curiosity be cultivated on a daily basis?  Will they begin learning the skills and thinking processes they will need for school?  Is the learning environment cheerful, full of natural light and stimulating to their minds and imaginations?

As the father of two young boys with a wife who works, I have asked myself these very questions!  In fact I vividly recall visiting one CDC years ago right after our first son was born, and as we walked out of the building and into the parking lot my wife burst into tears saying, “We can’t put him there!  We just can’t!”  Soon thereafter we found what we thought was a better program, but every time we visited the “teachers” were playing on their phones or just talking to each other.  In addition, it seemed like the staff changed each week.  Once again, we left and looked for a better place.  We had to have a good place for our kids!

Why am I telling you this?  I want you to know that as a father and pastor, I have been very involved in designing our program.  It is our desire that when you ask the questions listed above, and other ones I haven’t thought of, the answers will put a big smile on your face.  Moreover, when you visit GraceKids, I want you to have that “warm & fuzzy” feeling that comes with knowing your child is safe, loved, having fun and learning new things!  The peace that comes from that feeling is absolutely priceless.  Other than our faith, our families are the most precious thing we have in life.  I encourage you to have the highest standards in mind when you choose a CDC for your child.  Don’t settle.  There is too much at stake.  Come and visit GraceKids where your child is a somebody, and where the smile on their sweet face will show you they are growing, learning and having a blast all at the same time!

-Pastor Wade Griffith