Our preschool curriculum matches our little ones’ need to begin cooperative play, team projects, and master tasks. Their play is their work, and teachers stage the environment with enrichments that help them think and problem-solve.  Beginning phonics through game play, and “handwriting without tears” starts for this age group. STEAM* opportunities are presented daily, and extracurricular activities including dance and gymnastics (tumbling) are also available. Classroom spaces for preschoolers are well-defined for children to guide their exploration and invite social and cognitive experiences. Classroom environments include: a meeting space for group gathering and reading, a message/writing area, a construction area for blocks and other building materials, a mini art studio, and a dramatic play area. The classrooms are organized with materials that are carefully chosen, displayed, and stored at the child’s level to encourage maximum independence.


* STEAM = Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts  & Math